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Safe & respectful

Why is Corporate Responsibility Important?

BCS strives to make a positive impact to the lives of our customers, our delivery team, our employees and prospective employees, shareholders, communities and the environment. We see this as vital in achieving our vision of providing the most exceptional consulting experience in Australia.

What do we do?

BCS champions best practice consulting. Our goal is to provide end to end time and material-based solutions, services and resources to help drive our customers’ businesses forward through better technology outcomes; and we strive to look after the wellbeing of our employees and delivery teams by ensuring their workplaces are safe and respectful.

On top of these efforts, BCS works hard to do good stuff for our great communities. We believe in making ethical choices and we also like to make a positive contribution to our community by participating in charity activities, donating company profits to those who need it and by assisting in academic research in our field.

BCS respects the earth and the happiness of its inhabitants, so we make decisions in relation to our supply chain that have sustainability as a key outcome. One of our goals is to improve our environmental performance across all our business activities.

So where’s the proof?

Take a closer look at our policies below.